“Dealer Must Remove” self-adhesive carpet protection film

This product is a continuous, self-adhesive roll of 4mil plastic film. It is used to protect automotive carpets while repairs are being performed. Rolls are perforated every 21 inches for easy tearing to the right size. “DMR” keeps carpets clean, and enhances value perception upon completion of work.

Available in the following sizes:
DR002 24” x 200’, 4mil, 21” perf  – 120 sheets per roll
DR004 24” x 600’, 4mil, 21” perf  – 285 sheets per roll

Other sizes available upon request
  • Protects vehicle carpets from dirt and grime.
  • Easy to apply and reposition.
  • No residue upon removal.
  • No spray adhesive necessary.
  • Available in a variety of sizes.

Contact info@roiprotectivetape.com for current pricing information and specifications