Frequently Asked Questions

Before you call with questions, please review the answers to what others have asked.

1) What does "ROI" stand for? - ROI stands for Return on Investment.  Our products help ensure that the value of salvaged or rebuild-able vehicles does not diminish because of damage caused by the elements.  You are able to get a better price at auction, thus maximizing your  "Return on Investment".

2) Who uses your products? - Our products are primarily used by Salvage Auto Auctions, Collision Shops, and Towing Companies.

3) Is the use of these products required? In many cases, yes. Insurance companies want to get the highest return at auction for salvaged vehicles and require the use of these products.

4) Should I charge a fee to my customers for using these products? -  There is usually a fee for wrapping services which varies by industry. Insurance companies usually require that wrapping be done, and pay the auction for compliance with this service. Collision shops and towing companies may charge a fee, or provide this service for free as a customer service.

5) Why should I consider using ROI Protective Tapes as my supplier? -  The number one reason is price. Our products are priced 25% to 75% less than our competitors. We do not sacrifice quality for price. All of our products contain UV Inhibitors, and are currently being used by independent and chain salvage auction companies, collision shops, and towing companies nationwide.

6) How can I find out more about your products? – Contact owner Tom Hrynda, who can be reached anytime by phone or email using the contact numbers provided. Call him if possible so he can better get to know you and your business!

If you have any questions please contact Tom at 610-564-7135 and he will be happy to assist you.

You may also e-mail:

Fax - (610) 262-4598.