WeatherProtect Windshield Wrap

WeatherProtect wrap is a continuous, self-adhesive roll of strong, 3mil plastic film. It is used to create a temporary barrier from wind, rain, snow, and dirt on damaged cars and trucks. To be used on a clean, dry surface – will not leave an adhesive residue upon removal, and will not damage painted surfaces. Contains UV Inhibitors to prevent damage from the sun when used outdoors.

Available in the following sizes:

WP003 24" x 200' , 3mil, self-adhesive protective wrap
WP004 36" x 200', 3mil, self-adhesiveprotective wrap
WP005 36" x 300', 3mil, self-adhesive protective wrap
WP007 36" x 200', 5mil, self-adhesive protective wrap
  • Protects your valuable assets from the elements
  • Easy to apply and reposition
  • Adheres to clean, dry metal or glass surfaces with no residue upon removal
  • UV inhibitors for outdoor exposure
  • Available in a variety of sizes

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