White Heat Shrink Tape

Heat shrink tape is used for minor maintenance on damaged vehicles, such as covering cracks in windshields, openings in sunroofs and windows, and holding doors and hood shut when moving the vehicle. It is also used to tape off or hold two pieces of shrink film. Edges are “pinked” to allow an easy tear by hand.
Available in the following colors and sizes:

Available in the following sizes:

WT001 2" x 60yds, 7mil tape
WT002 4" x 60yds, 7mil tape
WT003 6" x 60yds, 7mil tape
WT004 2" x 60yds, 9.5mil tape
WT005 4" x 60yds, 9.5mil tape
WT006 6" x 60yds, 9.5mil tape
  • Used to cover hairline cracks in windows, slightly open windows, sprung doors
  • Variety of uses in boat industry
  • UV inhibitors for outdoor exposure

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